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Reflection 2016


As we head into Christmas in full throttle, amidst the mince pies, cocktail parties and nativity plays I always feel very reflective…

Something within me wants to stop the clock, just for a short time and take stock of everything around me.

Although Christmas in our house is a happy time, it’s great to have the family together and have the time to catch up, however it’s also a time to remember those who are missing. The obvious one is my Father who passed away very close to Christmas, and who also loved Christmas and family time.

With this in mind I always try not to be maudlin about it, he would have hated that but to focus and remember all the wonderful life skills he has taught me and how he nurtured me into adult life. If it wasn’t for him I would never have been brave enough to start Glow, I now find myself embracing it, having open arms to new adventures and taking risks I didn’t think I ever would.

Although this sounds strange, death actually taught me a lot. Life is short, Dad always lived every day to its fullest possible; he loved life and grabbed it by the balls.

He was my comfort blanket and protector and without him I was frightened I’d fall apart.

I did… for a while, but somehow pieced myself together like a jigsaw puzzle however this time I had an extra piece, which wasn’t present before he died. An inner strength and thirst for life, I believe it’s a little piece of his soul embedded within me, which I stole as he passed.


Looking forward to 2017, I plan to continue to grow and develop Glow, introducing new products and ideas. I am determined to fill our families’ lives with as much colour as possible and continue our adventure.


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How the Glow began…

My name is Emily Butterill, I started Glow Lighting in April 2015…… I have worked in the lighting industry since leaving school in 1998, beginning in telesales, and working through virtually all departments until I became a director and shareholder in my late fathers’ commercial lighting manufacturing company. Sadly cheap imports, huge competition and serious illness forced the company into administration in September 2013, I then lost my Father three months later following a long battle with cancer. My father was a great advocate of British manufacturing and a huge inspiration to me.

I married young, at age 22 to Mike, (who also has his own lighting company) and we are blessed with three beautiful sons, who are aged 5, 10 and 14.

In 2015, I was about to embark on a career in midwifery, having gained a place at university. I visited an interiors trade show and was so despondent with all the lighting, and it struck me, how could I walk away from everything I have learnt over the last 16 years? And Glow was born!

I have a great love for British manufacturing, a genuine passion for lighting, not to mention a long background in lighting and previous business experience, so I decided, it’s now or never and jumped in both feet first.

Lighting is a really important aspect of both design and functionality in a home, people are becoming more aware of this and spending more time selecting the right lighting for their homes. Using lighting in specific ways can help to make a room feel larger and brighter. Learning to use light enables you to create a perfect balance at home, it can also enhance your mood – I feel a later blog coming on about all this….

I love to use local producers wherever possible and often design my products around the wonderful array of British craftsman we have at our fingertips, this side of Glow is immensely important to me.

Glow is MY baby. It is actually really scary doing it alone. I have a new found respect for friends, family and strangers who set up their own businesses. It takes a great deal of passion, strength, self-exposure and belief.

I have found the experience terrifying, exhilarating, exciting and extremely fulfilling, especially when your plans come together, there’s no feeling like it.

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