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Rustikk Interiors – Kitchen of Colour

We were delighted to light up a kitchen in a converted restaurant/gift shop; which has been transformed into a wonderful family home.

Mel Whitehead approached us looking for inspiration for her lighting, obviously we were thrilled to be able to help and bring her ideas to life. Adding colour and light to a warm kitchen, with glorious windows letting in a vast amount of natural light.

“We had such a personal service from Glow Lighting, Emily was exceptional from start to finish. We loved the fact you could make your lights bespoke to you, with such great quality, they certainly give the WOW factor to our room! We absolutely love them and get so many lovely comments about them!” – Mel Whitehead, Glow Lighting customer.

Beach house Glory

What’s better than owning a beach house?

Having gorgeous lighting in it!

We would love to be eating our meal around this table and were delighted to receive images of our large Mabels installed in their new home.

We are also very grateful to Kate for her lovely comments below:

“I can highly recommend Glow Lighting …We wanted unique lights for our new property. We ended up buying quite a few different ones for all over our house. All enhanced by the choice of flex colour! 

Everyone comments on how beautiful they are. Handmade in the UK is another draw as we wanted to source as  much as we could from small businesses in the UK. The lights all arrived beautifully packaged and in good time. a personal service is also a unique quality these days. 

If you’re looking for a personal service and unique hand made lights all made in the UK then look no further than Glow Lighting.” 

What are the best lighting options for your kitchen?

At Glow here are some of the questions we get asked every day…

“What is the best pendant lighting for my kitchen island?”

“How many lights should I install over my kitchen island?”

“Where to install your pendant lights in a kitchen?”

We thought we would try and help answer these questions.

Pendant lighting in kitchens has become more and more favoured in recent years. Having a focal point in a room gives a sense of balance as well as drama, plus it is a great opportunity to express your style and get creative.

Firstly it is important to consider other aspects of lighting you have in the room, for example: downlights, under cabinet lights, interior cabinet lights, wall lights and table lamps to help understand how much light you need to achieve from your pendant lights.

If your pendant lights are the main source of lighting in your kitchen you will need bright light to be used for task lighting. There are lots of different options of light bulbs available, as much as we love layering warm soft lighting, in your kitchen lighting needs to be practical. Cooler or daylight bulbs are the best type of light to see by. Downlights are a great way to spread the light evenly throughout your kitchen enabling food prep etc.

Also contemplate the natural light in the room, do you have lots of natural light flooding into the room? If you have lots of direct light pouring into the room you may want to use lightweight window dressings to diffuse the light entering the room and block any harsh sunlight.

In contrast to this, a lack of natural light will benefit from tips such as using mirrors specifically hung opposite windows to help the natural light bounce around the room, enhancing the natural light you do have. Even simply trimming foliage from around the windows will enhance the light coming in. Although being realistic, and living in the cold grey climes of Great Britain with long dark evenings it is vital to get the lighting right.

Thinking about the scale and amount of light required is the most important detail before choosing your lighting.

View your pendant lights as an accessory to embellish your kitchen and give it a finishing touch. The style and finish of your kitchen pendant lights is down to personal taste but be sure to think about the style of your kitchen and how to compliment the other areas of your space. Don’t be afraid to be bold, big pendants can look fabulous, even over a small island.

Interior designers think in odd numbers, for some reason objects arranged in odd numbers appear more appealing and distinctive to the eye. However it is essential to determine the scale and amount of light required when considering this, you don’t have to stick to this rule.

How many lights you have and where you install them depends on the space you are working with, nevertheless as a general rule of thumb lighting should be installed as follows:

30-36 inches (75-90cm) above your worktop surface.

Pendant lights should be installed 12-18 inches apart (30-45cm)

12-18 inches (30-45cm) in from the edge of your island.

This is a very rough guide but hopefully helps as a starting point when commencing your search for the perfect lighting.

In our next blog I will talk about textures, finishes and styles of lighting.







Glow Lights installed at Holly & Co.

We have been lucky enough to supply our beautiful coloured glass Bertie pendant lighting to Holly & Co in London,

Our Bertie pendants have been creatively installed to hang entwined on a ladder and perfectly light up the bar area, we are thrilled with the results.

Holly & Co made the following comments about Glow Lighting:

“We absolutely loved the product and think the colours and quality is brilliant. We would definitely use Glow Lighting again if needed.

A beautiful, quality product in gorgeous colours by a fantastic small business. Top marks!”

What a cheerful way to light up a bar area. Using warm bright colours and vintage squirrel cage warm light bulbs, setting the perfect scene for a relaxing cocktail… or two!

Home Lighting Tips

As autumn emerges and the dark nights loom, now is a good time to contemplate your lighting. I have recently put together a few pointers which I thought I would share.

Remember lighting can transform a space, do not be afraid to experiment, use a variety of lighting at different heights and set in different locations. This creates interest and enables you to accentuate areas of the space. Below is a photo of our William pendant in a kitchen hung at various heights.

Use dimmers to create more usable light which can be set at full and used for reading or cooking and then dimmed down to produce a more relaxed ambience.

Carefully select your light bulbs, colour temperatures of light bulbs are measured on the kelvin temperature scale, the higher the kelvin the cooler the light and the lower the kelvin the warmer orangey glow. Using a warm colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin – 3000 kelvin in living areas, and 3500 kelvin plus for task lighting, such as in the kitchen. Vintage lightbulbs look quirky and warm and are now available in many LED versions, which have a much longer lifespan.

Using shades made of ribbed or opal glass or parchment diffuses light allowing it out sideways giving a better spread of light. Using coloured interiors of shades such as gold, soften the light and give a warm glow.

If on a budget replace shades with vintage finds or brighten up pendants by replacing plain cables with coloured or patterned fabric cables.

Approximately 5% of household energy costs are used on lighting therefore selecting energy efficient light bulbs can make a big difference. Although the initial outlay may be higher for LED, a 4w LED lightbulb should last around 25 times longer than their 60w incandescent counterparts. Quirky vintage style LED filament lightbulbs are becoming readily available.

When comparing or replacing LED light bulbs with old style halogen or incandescent lightbulbs look at the lumen output rather than the wattage as this is a much better way of comparing the light output.



Photo 1: Humphrey large pendant and wall light, picture with Elsa 😉 Photo 2: William pendants Photo 3: Lovely coloured Bertie bespoke wheel, created for a client.















Last night, whilst walking my dogs, I could hear birds singing and smell spring in the air. Although – granted, I woke up this morning to a hard frost it pays to be optimistic, and it certainly seems to be getting dark later. Spring is on the way.

This month at Glow we are focusing on fresh new colours for spring and looks we are in love with this season.

I am a huge fan of colour and love wearing bright colours, they seem to cheer me up and brighten up dreary days. Over the last few years I have been slowly injecting more and more colour into our home, without really realising. Last summer I spray painted my tired, inherited (from my parents) Lloyd loom chairs. They went from a drab deep cream to bright pastel shades of pistachio, rose pink and baby blue, topped with handmade cushions, adorned with vivid pompoms made by my wonderfully talented Mother in law. My kitchen has never looked happier and more vibrant. Not only did it transform our kitchen, it also cost very little.

With this in mind, whilst chatting to a lovely (interior designer) friend of mine about colours and personal taste, we mutually agreed that colour is a very personal thing, you shouldn’t be afraid of using it in your home and creating bold palettes which stand out and say “this is me”….

Whether your base be neutrals which are then embellished with colour pops of bright hues, using cushions, throws, cables and accessories. Or you choose bold paint colours which are then accentuated with accessories.

Luckily at Glow, we love Green, and spring is all about green this year. Not only does green look fabulous, if you look at colour psychology it also has many other benefits; being a tranquil colour which represents nature. It is believed to promote calm, relieve stress and even increase fertility!

We have introduced a small range of limited edition spring cables which we hope you love as much as us, so go forth and be brave, you won’t regret it.

Cushions  IMG_2250

iIMG_2189  IMG_1893

IMG_2017  IMG_2039

Reflection 2016


As we head into Christmas in full throttle, amidst the mince pies, cocktail parties and nativity plays I always feel very reflective…

Something within me wants to stop the clock, just for a short time and take stock of everything around me.

Although Christmas in our house is a happy time, it’s great to have the family together and have the time to catch up, however it’s also a time to remember those who are missing. The obvious one is my Father who passed away very close to Christmas, and who also loved Christmas and family time.

With this in mind I always try not to be maudlin about it, he would have hated that but to focus and remember all the wonderful life skills he has taught me and how he nurtured me into adult life. If it wasn’t for him I would never have been brave enough to start Glow, I now find myself embracing it, having open arms to new adventures and taking risks I didn’t think I ever would.

Although this sounds strange, death actually taught me a lot. Life is short, Dad always lived every day to its fullest possible; he loved life and grabbed it by the balls.

He was my comfort blanket and protector and without him I was frightened I’d fall apart.

I did… for a while, but somehow pieced myself together like a jigsaw puzzle however this time I had an extra piece, which wasn’t present before he died. An inner strength and thirst for life, I believe it’s a little piece of his soul embedded within me, which I stole as he passed.


Looking forward to 2017, I plan to continue to grow and develop Glow, introducing new products and ideas. I am determined to fill our families’ lives with as much colour as possible and continue our adventure.


dad 2dad 1Dad and I







How the Glow began…

My name is Emily Butterill, I started Glow Lighting in April 2015…… I have worked in the lighting industry since leaving school in 1998, beginning in telesales, and working through virtually all departments until I became a director and shareholder in my late fathers’ commercial lighting manufacturing company. Sadly cheap imports, huge competition and serious illness forced the company into administration in September 2013, I then lost my Father three months later following a long battle with cancer. My father was a great advocate of British manufacturing and a huge inspiration to me.

I married young, at age 22 to Mike, (who also has his own lighting company) and we are blessed with three beautiful sons, who are aged 5, 10 and 14.

In 2015, I was about to embark on a career in midwifery, having gained a place at university. I visited an interiors trade show and was so despondent with all the lighting, and it struck me, how could I walk away from everything I have learnt over the last 16 years? And Glow was born!

I have a great love for British manufacturing, a genuine passion for lighting, not to mention a long background in lighting and previous business experience, so I decided, it’s now or never and jumped in both feet first.

Lighting is a really important aspect of both design and functionality in a home, people are becoming more aware of this and spending more time selecting the right lighting for their homes. Using lighting in specific ways can help to make a room feel larger and brighter. Learning to use light enables you to create a perfect balance at home, it can also enhance your mood – I feel a later blog coming on about all this….

I love to use local producers wherever possible and often design my products around the wonderful array of British craftsman we have at our fingertips, this side of Glow is immensely important to me.

Glow is MY baby. It is actually really scary doing it alone. I have a new found respect for friends, family and strangers who set up their own businesses. It takes a great deal of passion, strength, self-exposure and belief.

I have found the experience terrifying, exhilarating, exciting and extremely fulfilling, especially when your plans come together, there’s no feeling like it.

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